Keep on record where and when your tank was last cleaned, where and when it was installed, how many litres it holds (usually 1800 – 3200 ltrs), and any particular problems you have had with it. This is most useful when it needs cleaning out again, and for future owners, especially if the tank is fully underground and out of sight. Look for lush grass growth in summer from the moisture provided by the effluent lines to detect their whereabouts.


Smithy’s Take Aways provides this practical information pamphlet to help with the understanding of how a septic tank works, and how to obtain the best performance from it.

Like cars and phones, you probably use and rely on your septic tank daily and have not considered the day it will stop working. Septic tanks need some simple and basic preventative maintenance to keep them functioning efficiently for long periods of time. Eventually your tank will need the contents removed when it has reached its full holding capacity and starts to perform badly or fails to perform at all. This is normal. Smithy’s Take Aways hopes you find the following information of value to maintain an efficient septic tank system.